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17 August 2003 @ 11:14 pm
wandering sunset, viper room, dancing...  
so yesterday (sat) headed out in the afternoon and walked down sunset blvd. its quite a walk actually, but im glad i did it... got to really see the strip and the stores in between. the change in neighborhood was quite entertaining to see (broken down, gritty, then suddenly very green and grassy and upscale..). ate at Mel's Drive-in since i was feeling more burgerish... anyways.. checked out Book Soup (btw found out the secret to the Onion Soup... add a bit of port *grins* *YUM*) and wandered around a bit. later ended up in the Viper Room (met a bunch of interesting groupies) and watched some live bands (mainly hard rock and metal) then took a taxi out to the hotel to drop off the books and stuff i bought. then it was off to dancing... conclusion: Dungeon is the best so far out here..:> the music is much better (tho interestingly enough the main DJ is the same across each of the nights (thurs- sat)) but something about the way things are done is better... the 2 main rooms are roomie and the lighting is well done... *grins* so anyways, had a BLAST. afterwards ended up wandering around a bit... im liking the area...:>

so today i spent it mainly in the hotel room, doing a bit of paper work and relaxing (recovering...)
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