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10 November 2003 @ 11:26 am
matrix, coding, mystic river..  
so friday ended up watching Matrix: Revolutions. not going to get into it much but I did like it (no spoilers here that you cant get from the reviews). entertaining... and yes some people didnt like it and would say that there wasnt much content i would disagree, but then again i was more interested in the characters such as Sereph (sp?) (talk about damn efficient.. and yes this is the martial artist me talking here, but he made every other character in there look like a lumbering oaf.. there is a beauty to 'effortless' efficiency... his moves made the other fight scenes seem overdone at times) or seeing that Keanu can actually pull off a tough acting bit (you try acting blindfolded and convey various emotions, some actually complex... very very difficult.. often considered one of the hardest things to do) or the development of some of the less main characters development... and of course raising the bar in action scenes... (a lot of what was done was never done before and will be very hard to compete with.. but they seem so simple)...

anyways... saturday was filled with coding.. have to get some stuff done...

sunday had lunch with grushenka and sent the afternoon chatting, then met up with marcie in harvard square to catch Mystic River (the 4:20 showing was sold out so we wandered about and then caught the 6:30 showing). the movie was excellant! the acting quite incredible. Tim Robbims and Sean Penn pull off quite the incredible range of acting and character development... quite moving... only had one issue at the end.. but anyways.... afterwards had din din and then dropped marcie off. then it was back to coding....
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