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26 January 2004 @ 11:10 am
weekend update and fun..:>  
friday - had din din with grushenka. was good yummy indian... yummmm..:> afterwards (after dropping her off and chattng for quite awhile) headed over to Josh and Becky's for party fun..:> you know its a good party when you have whacked conversations such as the topic of zombie penises and who is who in the porn industry and whats the best way to make greens eggs and ham..:> *grins* brought a bottle of decent shochu and had yummines with it..:> ended up going home and crashing around 4...

saturday - woke up rater late and spent part of the day putzing..:> then it was off to esmebelle's and Joeboy's for din din and then movie time..:> (met up with spitcurl and vicissitude) had yummy goodness over at Blue Fin then over to the Somerville Theatre for The General (with the Alloy Orcestra). very well done..:> also bumped into Joel and Debbie there too which was a pleasant surprise..:> then it was off to Manway for 80s and New wave and such night..:> lots of dancing and prancing and (BLT was played.. yay!) drinking and chatting..:> met new peoples..:> then breakfasty foods at J&J then home to crash at 4 again..:>

sunday - woke up rather groggily then headed out for lunch with Joel and Debbie..:> was a great lunch (a 3 to 4 hour lunch is a wonderful thing). much was chatted and catching up was done.. then back home for much resting..:>
Current Mood: groggygroggy
Current Music: Peaches - Fuck the Pain Away