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11 March 2004 @ 01:09 pm
so yesterday ended up taking the day off and going to NYC for an open casting call..

and my god do i dislike NYC... no offense to those who like the place but...driving in the city was a good refresher for why i dislike the place.. the taxi drivers are obnoxious, the regular drivers are insane, the bus drivers love to cut you off, even to the point where you get driven off the road.... pedestrians love to jay walk willy nilly (and its not like the laws are like in boston, so its not like they are as protected by the law) . driving is no longer a defensive outlook but an offensive one (best defense is a good offense type of mindset... hence all the damn honking for no apparent reason other than expression) plus everything is tinged in a awful greyness which could be the smog but is more likely the ambiance of the place. the place is grimy... in my opinion its the worst of the mega-cities. granted what i find worse of all is what it tends to do to people i know who moved there... often they become twisted and hardnosed and all about the quick fix and the cheat... they tend to go to the extremes in many things especially when in the heat of an argument.. so when all that is needed is a slap, they punch and stab.. or take out a bazooka and fire away with abandon... granted not all do so... but too often have i seen the change occur...

its an awful place... ick ick ick
Current Mood: groggygroggy
feimafeima on March 11th, 2004 03:58 pm (UTC)
i completely agree with you... i am not a fan either. heh. I have 2 aunts and an uncle who live there... i keep telling them to move outta there before someone drops the bomb on it. heh.