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03 November 2004 @ 10:41 am
end of an era for me  
so monday after work I met up with esmebelle for dinner at the TOTH. good food, great company. it was a dinner for us to say goodbye to an era (esmebelle was one of the first people i befriended when i moved out into the boston area) as esmebelle is heading out to Florida for a few months (tho i wil see her temp when she gets back in a week or so.. but then she will be off again... and i do intend to visit fl). but with all the changes going on, it was a farewell to an era. it was a bit sad (in that depressing way).
regardless it was good to be in the company of a really good friend.. the best of friends as one might say...

so with hugs and a tearful 'see you later' the night closed well..:>

tuesday was spent working from home dealing with the crap that is Oracle 10g. what absolute crap. people should just wake up and start using mySQL or some such. watched Lupin III later and Touch as well..:> good anime is hard to come by..:>
Current Mood: mellowmellow