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07 February 2002 @ 01:22 am
fee fi fo fun...  
so today has been a fun day of sitting at home doing stupid specs and listening to the construction guys pound on cement in the basement. later went off and danced at Manray.

its interesting to see how the 'scene' doesnt change. a bunch of scantily clad people running about in black and odd shades of black, twirling around to music, playing their silly social games. granted the crowd has become younger (or it is more that i am an 'old schooler' now) and the music has changed a bit... but ultimately it is static. i suppose this scene will go on forever... unchanging.. always the image of the wilting flower... *ah sigh* (put in the proper inflection and pause.. tinged with melodrama) *grins*

seriously though, i begin to wonder why it is i go... is it the music, the dancing, the scene, the ambiance? guess its all of those... kind of like that occasional craving you get for some obscure food... *grins*

got to admit it sure is fun to see all the dour faces and to stick out a tongue and make faces... people are too silly and forget too often that life aint that serious
Current Mood: amusedamused
Dominiquegraphxgirl on February 7th, 2002 09:43 am (UTC)
oh mon dieu! it is the same everywhere. and no, the scene will never change, the cliques will never dissappear, the pale and tragic-ness of it all while ancient, will never die. i too love going wearing bright pink and silver, bringing laughter and silliness, only to be stared at in horror. hehehe......i think you would like dark sparkle- a club in san franicsco.