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19 January 2003 @ 12:36 pm
a blast of a weekend! russian food, vhscrowers bday....  
so this weekend so far has been a blast..:>

friday after work met up with suzanne over at her place, got a tour of her new apartment, and then it was off to Cafe St Petersburg for russian food. YUM. we gorged ourselves on blintzes, blini, caviar, and vodka. was good seeing suzanne again (we hang out once every couple of months and catch up) so after filling up on food, dropped suzanne off at her place and then headed home to do some paper work stuff and cleaning...

saturday morning Sifu was in town so class was filled with rigorous training... a lot of work on Y-step and chin-na work... headed home afterwards (forgoing the lunch that we usually have with sifu) to get some rest and get ready for vhscrowers bday party. took a quick nap then went downstairs to check on something and got myself locked in the basement... that was bad..:< spent a good amount of time figuring out a way to get out and back into the apt (ended up jimming with the lock and figured out a way to open the door leading from the basement to the apt). took a rushed shower, dressed, and then rushed off to erica's to pick up malitor and erica. grabbed them both, stopped by a liquor store, and then it was off to Ginza over in Brookline. the bday girl and peoples arrived and we all had a blast eating sushi and gorging on food... *grins* it was decided to grab a drink afterwards so we all walked over to An Tua Nua. after some drinking and cheers to the bday girl we all headed over to Start (Axis) for more drinking and dancing... much fun was had..:> after saying goodbyes to the bday girl and everyone else, drove erica and malitor back to erica's. once we got there, ended up talking with malitor (erica went in to sleep) till about 6 am in the car.... then it was crash time for me so headed home and did just that...:>
Current Mood: groggygroggy
Current Music: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....:>