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12 March 2002 @ 10:01 am
doobie doobie...:>  
after a day of b*redoom (i dont dare say the word outloud as that has a tendency to generate havoc) at work i met up with Jen over in Harvard Square. after spending some time shopping at Hootenannys, we ate dinner over at House of Blues. chatted and caught up and had the usual fun..:> was good seeing her *smiles*. apparently there was much 'drama' with Fantasy Factory (people being idiots and such.. the usual goth group politics apparently) which drove Jen batty and eventually she decided to pull out of it entirely...

anyways... heres some entertainment...

if people havent seen it yet (i posted this link before) here is an article on how to dance gothic
now for 2 new links...:>
this discusses dance moves and what moves not to do (quiet amused by the statement "Highly regarded as a secretive system of cryptic movements and strange dance moves, to the outsider it may appear that goths dance in a fashion all their own")
an analysis on gothic dancing and interpersonal interactions *grins*

eventually ill write one myself..:>
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Current Music: VNV Nation - Genesis
goth_posh on March 12th, 2002 09:52 pm (UTC)

Greets! Love the Gothic dancing links!
Braxana: katobraxana on March 13th, 2002 06:15 am (UTC)
hello..:> i hope you didnt think me adding you to my friends list as too presumptuous. was browsing around and found you interesting..:>

- Mas the Moo
goth_posh on March 13th, 2002 09:12 am (UTC)
Re: hello..:>
No worries! I see you are a programmer so I may be able to pick yer brain in the future:-)
Braxana: tonpi1braxana on March 13th, 2002 12:49 pm (UTC)
Re: hello..:>
be my guest..:> and pick anything else out of my head that you wish to look into.... interests vary quite a bit..:>