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14 March 2002 @ 04:10 pm
good design .. bad design... rant  
why is it that product managers and marketers think that the UI of any product (be it hardware, software, etc) is something that is inconsenquencial... and yet at the same time they themselves bicker over small parts of it, like their lives depend on it? and even if they make consessions that it is important, then they think that its something you slap on? worse yet, they make it seem like they know what is good UI versus bad UI without getting any data, but rather go with their gut feelings? let alone disregard any statements made by an expert or the people who are actually building it? In short, why cant they do their job?

granted their job is hard. attempting to second guess the marketplace and make hard decisions on incomplete facts is tough. BUT, thats their job. I say, go do that job and leave me to do mine.. which is to design and implement what it is that you (marketers etc) have decided from the data at hand what needs to be implemented. Dont make design decisions like architecture and usability.. thats our (engineers, designers, etc) job.

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