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16 March 2002 @ 10:54 am
watch out here comes an Apple reconvert...  
oks... after Rod had been spouting on about how amazing the new iMac is, i wanted to take a look at it. and like this person as well as others, I am a reconvert... i got turned off by Apple awhile back due to the fact that once you got to power-user level (unless you were a graphixs designer (and even a bit later as graphics programs got better and better to use on other machines)) it just wouldnt let you do what you needed. Plus with Winblows copying the look and feel (and being dominant in business and a monopoly) the Mac lost its appeal... but MacOS X has brought me back and the new iMac is beautiful... many a Linux user has bought it and then shut off Linux use forever. as a development platform MacOSX is easier to use than anything else i have seen (though Be Inc had something going.. thats a sad sad story and one that can be told at a later point) (for those interested heres a link to all about BeOS and software available for it) (heres a screenshot and more screenshots). anyways... for me... my next dev platform will be MacOSX... and well... bye bye Winblows and various Unixs...
Current Mood: excitedexcited