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22 May 2003 @ 11:51 am
fun fun! run about with vhscrowers, picking up graphxgrrl  
so yesterday was fun... but before i get into that work was annoying... with this whole customer demo stuff.. ugh... but whatever.. i have the day off today and tommorrow... yay...

so anyways after work drove over and picked vhscrowers up and then we headed over to porter square for sushi yumminess... (almost bumped into amy but luckily things were avoided that bumping didnt happen).. afterwards headed into central square, parked the car, took the T to harvard square... ran into Newbury comics for a bit, then over to Finale for some dessert wine and yummy pastry dessertiness..:> *grins* then off to Manray for much dancingness...:> must definitely go visit vhscrowers when she gets settled in SF. dancing was much fun with her...:> (yuppers shes my fav dance partner)... also met lots of peeps... the club closed and then dropped vhscrowers off at her place (btw she made me yummy ginger snaps...!) then home it was to crash...

this morning got up and headed over to the airport and picked up graphxgrrl. much confusion over the airline and airport but that was sorted out..:> now back at the apt and geeks that we are, first got out laptops and set her up on the network.. then we surfed and emailed peeps... now she is taking a nap while i continue on with my geekiness...:>
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