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04 June 2003 @ 11:27 am
monday- esmebelle, tuesday - work at home and stay in... Hero... and hunger pangs  
lets see... monday picked up esmebelle over at Braintree and we headed over to Randolph for some thai... we were intending to do a movie after that but esmebelle was a bit under the weather due to little sleep so after chatting and babbling we grabbed some free sundaes at Friendly's and called it a night..:> afterwards did some paper stuff at home...

tuesday was not feeling like going outside at all, so stayed at home for work and read about .Net and other scary things..:> i was soooo lazy about going outside that i decided not to do laundry (i have to step outside for about 30 secs to get to the laundry machines downstairs) and instead after work pretty much laid about and read random stuff... later in the evening watched the movie Hero (Jet Li, Donnie Yen, Maggie Cheung, etc) (link to the trailers) . amazing! it took alot of devices from Crouching Tiger but it is definately quite a work... the colors are amazing and the plot line is quite interesting... though it definitely has Chinese government backing (the whole "under Heaven" etc) anyways i highly recommend watching it..:>

so today i woke up around 6am hungry as hell... that hungry feeling where the stomach screams for food, where you double over in pain and feel like you are going to throw up since u have nothing inside your stomach... so i ate a couple of cookies (i would have thrown together something but i was in so much pain that the only thing i could do was shovel in some food) and then went back to sleep....

... im still hungry...
Current Mood: hungryhungry
Current Music: Leonard Cohen - Tower of Song