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25 June 2003 @ 10:05 am
work from home, esmebelle, harvard square, sweaty men, camping?  
yesterday worked from home... was semi productive, in that i worked on the damn paper (spec) with an excitement that bordered on apathy... the highlight was during lunch i spent the time outside under the beautiful day going through the sword form over and over and over (think i scared some real estate agents across the street). in any case the paper still needs work so ill probably work from home tommorrow (today i have to be in the office).

headed into the harvard square area around 5:30ish and met up with esmebelle. she got a new nose ring to replace her current one and had that put in, then it was off to eat some burgers..:> we wandered about harvard square for a bit, stopping in the green and chatted a bit.... we waxed philosophically on our ages and discussed architecture..:>

main theme of the day however was 'sweaty men'. *eeew* must apologize to those men who sweat much but the distinct smell of sweaty men was something that we both decided was simply something not-too-pleasant. being of asian descent has given me the genetic predisposition towards having smaller and non-aromatic sweat pores, and thus i suspect has lent me towards a bias for the less distinctly fragrant... (not to say that i dont have my own particular scent, but rather that the harsher sort is not a description i would call mine) (this entire discussion was due to the fact that some random jogger passed by and my arm accidently contacted his briefly - leaving a rather distinct scent to touch upon my arm) (this entire subject is one of the many reasons that i simply choose women over that of men in regards to sexual orientation)

once again i apologize if i have offended anyone....

drove esmebelle back to her home and hung out a bit... before i left we discussed possible July 4th plans and it is a distinct possibility that we all may be going camping! *yay* i simply dont want to be intown during this holiday (no its not from some paranoia, but just a feeling of restlessness) and my original plans had fallen through... though Montreal certainly still has some appeal..:>
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Current Music: VNV Nation - Honour
ceddorion on June 25th, 2003 09:29 am (UTC)
New LJ name is Cerdorrion (Chris/Willow)
ceddorion on June 25th, 2003 09:35 am (UTC)
Grrrr...New LJ name is Cedorrion (Chris/Willow) was sevencrowsme