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12 August 2003 @ 12:21 pm
worky worky.. apogeeperigee.. walks...  
yesterday work was a tedious chore.. spent most of the day doing activeX controls using ATL and such... did get to spend time setting up server stuff tho which was good..

later headed into Allston to meet up with apogeeperigee (finally got to meet her). got in the area early so i wandered about.. check out the liquor store there and found they had a really good selection of sake and umeshu (plum wine).. so ended up buying 2 bottles of really nice plum wine..:> yay!
anyways had yummy italian din din with apogeeperigee and then we walked about for an hour or two.. at one point we sat down and she pulls out her laptop and we do some seeking for wireless access points..:> *grins* yes yes we are geeks...

anyways had a lovely time and then it was back to the home ground where i ended up doing paper work again...
Current Mood: lazylazy