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16 August 2003 @ 09:42 am
an update.. LA..  
so i figured i would do an update...

thursday - so after a non-eventful flight over to LAX (got caughtup on the black out news... *shakes head*) took a taxi to the hotel and then checked in.. changed up and then headed to the main strip over to The Ruby (for Perversion). had a good time, as the place is rather large..:> the music was so-so, in that it was good but lets just say that Chris mixes better... afterwards wandered around the strip late at night then headed back to the hotel around 3am..:>

friday - woke up and checked email and such only to find out i had less money in my bankaccount than i had expected (ended up that the hotel had double charged me.. got that cleared up in a hurry). then spent the afternoon walking up and down and around the hollywood strip area..:> ate at In n Out (the burgers were actually pretty good for a fast food chain...) (in fact im learning that the burgers out here are just better than the stuff back in boston... this is a huge plus). (checked out the Hollywood high school as well and wandered about...) (then checkout the skeezy area of hollywood boulevard... hehe) its interesting to note that since LA is such a car culture that walking about is nice.. why? because there just arent that many walking about and hence you dont get the bumping into people as you would get otherwise...:> im liking this city alot.... anyways went back to the hotel and took a nap.. then it was off to eat din din at Vert which had the best French Onion Soup i have ever had... damn it was good... (must get recipe...) .. after eating so much i was about to burst i headed out and wandered down the skeezy section and then headed back up to check out The Ruby again. this time for Clockwork Orange. was great! the goth room (in the front) was well DJed and met a bunch of cool people. the coolest was a PI who was tailing a guy who was married to a woman 19 years his senior... we got talking and chatted about the scene out here and such... was very very cool... anyways, after much dancing and chatting and such, headed back to the hotel and crashed around 3am....

can i just say that i like this city for some reason... maybe ill live out here one day...
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