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21 August 2003 @ 06:29 pm
update - much food! - forgot ubon, balboa, skybar, drunkenness...  
so for got mention i ate over at Ubon(japanese site in tuesday after i stopped at Kinkos... it was incredibly good... truth is i was getting hunger pangs i just stumbled into this little place at the foot of the Beverly Center. turns out the place is owned by Chef Nobu Matsuhisa (Nabu spelled backwards is Ubon) and gawd it was good...

onto wednesday...

so yesterday stayed in most of the day (did paper work and junk) then headed out to sunset. i wanted steak so i hit up Balboa. and GAWD it was good... i am definitely liking this good food stuff... it was admitedly expensive but they had agreat wine list and yummy steak and dessert.... YUM! then wandered about and then hit up the Skybar. very pretty ... it was soooo coool! futons artfully/strategically placed about, so you can lounge and overlook the city (the only thing that marred the view was the giant brightly lit Gap ad sign with Madonna and Missy protrayed on it... it was hung on the outside of a building facing the skybar... was a bit disconcerting.. couple of other people mentioned it..) ... its very much a place i would love to own..... much sightseeing... ooooooo.... spent a couple hours there just sightseeing (didnt see any big time celebrities) and getting drunk.. chatted with a few people.. the most interesting being a porn star.. we chatted about the business of porn and such... was very keen... i must admit i am very puzzled by what i have heard about the skybar, that being it is really really hard to get into, but maybe it was the fact i got there a bit early or something but i walked right in... it was quite the night... anywhos... afterwards stumbled into a taxi and got back to the hotel..:>
queerishmael on August 22nd, 2003 09:31 am (UTC)
Porn star?
Male? Female? Gay porn? Straight porn?