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23 August 2003 @ 10:03 am
update - apogeeperigee, sushi, dancing, tour, more sushi, dancing...  
thursday - recovered through the morning... went out to Beverly Center in the afternoon and then wandered about for a bit...:> later apogeeperigee showed up and we went over to a sushi resteraunt across from the hotel (Yamakasa) though the outside looked like crap .. the inside and the food were incredible.... afterwards we changed up and headed out to Perversion and danced and drank the night away....

friday - groggily woke up... around noon headed out and decided since i was here i may as well take at leats one tour.. so i hopped onto a 1 hour double-decker bus tour of hollywood's sights..:> *grins* was actually pretty good...:> (at one pont we saw Bwitney's house from a distance and i yelped out "Bwitney!" course everyone, gave me this look like i was nuts, but after that the tour guide would point out places where Bwitney used to go and such and i would hop up and down in my seat saying "bwitney bwitney" *grins*) then i headed down to the Beverly Center to pick up some stuff and then it was back to Hollywood Blvd for some more wandering..:> met up with apogeeperigee again and we went over to the Frederick's of Hollywood store to check out the 'display of famous people's underwear' (the boxers worn by Tom Hank's in Forest Gump was on display *tehehe*) then it was some more shopping and then off to Sunset Blvd... we got into Katana and wow was the sushi incredible... later it was off to MissKitty's.. was interesting... for the first hour or so the music was good.. then it sorta went sour..:< felt like Manray on a bad night at one point.... anyways hit up Mel's for some food and then it was crash time..:>
Current Mood: groggygroggy
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