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25 August 2003 @ 09:10 am
update - universal, medallion, koji's, dancing, arclight, battle of shaker, wanderings, ivy, dancing  
saturday - decided to do a bit more of the touristy thing, so went to Universal CityWalk. Walked about there (ate good sushi) and then watched The Medallion (was ok, wish the editing was less choppy... but there was a couple of really funny scenes). afterwards wandered around and somehow ended in the backlot of Universal Studios theme park, so i got to go on the Universal studios tour and SFX tour and such for free (saved 50 bucks..:>) *yay* afterwards went back to Hollywood Blvd, ate yummy Kobe beef shabu-shabu at Koji's. dropped stuff off at the hotel and then it was dancing at Dungeon which was a Blast! (it is definitely the best goth night in the area). then crashy time..:>

sunday - got tickets for Battle of Shaker Heights at the ArcLight. The movie itself was pretty good, not a blockbuster but definitely well done.. i can see why the script was picked up by Project Greenlight. Arclight itself was very cool, a nice bar in the lobby area and the seats are very plush and comfy (hard to leave them at the end of the movie). then wandered around a bit (walked down to Melrose and Vine to take a looksee at the apartments there... nice apartments) and then wandered back to the hotel. When i was passing the Hollywood United Methodist Church i noticed the gates were open, so i wandered in. The Church was actually used in many a movie (including Back to the Future's dance/prom scenes) and its really hard to get in cause they are never open (cept sundays but then u have to sit through service before getting to have a look around). but there was some sort of wedding reception going on so i got in and wandered about. snapped some photos (but didnt get shots of the reception hall (gymnasium) cause people were in there and such) and then wandered on out..:> dropped stuff off at the hotel and then headed down to The Ivy. i had a bit of a wait so i wandered about...:> the food at Ivy was excellant..:> later went to Industry.. reminded me very much of Ceremony with a bit less people (it was a sunday after all).. then sleep time..:>

so today ill be checking out of the hotel, wander about a bit, then off to SF ..:>
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More than a little wonky...apogeeperigee on August 25th, 2003 11:08 am (UTC)
d'oh...wish I had been there

your anti-clone clone :)