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29 August 2003 @ 12:24 am
relaxing, In n Out, nap, blowfish sushi, dancing, deli, movies, aaron...  
wednesday - relaxed for the morning, then we headed into Fisherman's Wharf to eat a burger at In n' Out (god the burgers are good.... for a fast food joint its damn good... ). we wandered about the wharf and then headed back to the apartment for nap time. for dinner we ended up eating at a place called Blowfish Sushi which was very cool.. the decor was awesome, the food good, the service was a tad slow but all in all very very good. discovered Excel Saga there so im going to pick up the series..:> (yes yes it was around a while back and i had seen part of an episode before but i didnt know it... ).. anyways then vhscrowers and i headed back and changed into dancing clothing and headed to Bondage-a-go-go where we met up with Cobalt and Jen. danced a bit and then it was crash time..:>

thursday - was relax day... we ate at a small deli (good sandwiches) then watched movies at the apartment. later dropped vhscrowers at work and i drove down to San Carlos to meet up with Aaron and Suzi. We had yummy thai and chatted and caught up (saw the house and such) and then drove back to the city. now im waiting till around 2 am to go pick up vhscrowers from work...
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful