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07 September 2003 @ 01:26 pm
friday run around, esmebelle, Hub Toppiness, foooood...  
friday ended up watching Finding Nemo and Freaky Frida (actually a pretty good and goofy film)... definitely brainless fun.. much running around and stuff...8)

saturday spent most of the day recovering from friday and then it was meeting up with esmebelle and her mom (finally got to meet her!!! yay! she is one cool dude.. *grins*) over at the Pru... we ate at the Top of the Hub and gawd it was a yumm fest! *grins* (even got a fireworks show) afterwards was getting food coma and a bit partied out so i headed home and chilled...

so i think im going to slow a bit on partying as ive been going on a party hard kick... (oks oks... it just means im going to rest a bit from it ... cant get out of it entirely... will be dancing on wed tho..:>)
Current Mood: awakeawake