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15 September 2003 @ 11:43 am
coding coding, napping, joe..  
so the rest of the weekend was quiet.. spent alot of saturday napping and coding... as well as sunday... did get ticked off at myself at one point due to the fact that for some reason i had forgotten that math in java does not work like normal math... and so i didnt realize that int / int = int and not int / int = float... which when i realized that i had done that i felt extremely stupid... *argh*
anyways did get ahold of Joe on sunday and so spent time with him.. he unfortunately had dislocated his elbow a day or two before which seemed extremely painful... so he was 'da gimp' for the time being..:> had yummy sushi and a nice walk on the beach (chai tea is sooo wonderful)

blah.. so today is a day of udder slowness i think... a bit out of sorts today
Current Mood: lethargiclethargic