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16 September 2003 @ 09:22 am
so today there was supposed to be a meeting at 8:30am. a 4 hour meeting. it was supposed to be whats been called a nmap meeting (new managers blah blah), basically a 4 hour thing where a manager's underlings get together and discuss with HR issues and such thing about their manager. then the manager comes in later and gets to discuss this stuff. well since everyone was a few min late to this thing and such (porr rod got into a car accident trying to get to the office this early in the morn.. no was hurt but his car's trunk is smashed in) it was decided to postpone the meeting for another day. the good thing is that it was realized that most of my manager's underlings, myself included, just dont do the morning thing... argh! so now im in the office and i really am not feeling happy about having had to get up early...

so anyways.. yesterday had a blah day at work (meetings and meetings) (you know, a monkey could do my job right now... attend a meeting, say a few random things, attend another meeting, say a few more random things... monkey see monkey do...) later picked up earl and ate at porter... then coding back at the homestead...
Current Mood: pissed offpissed off