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25 September 2003 @ 01:36 pm
oks so...House votes for do-not-call registry

now i am completely for the do not call list, the problem of intrusive telemarketing much like spam is a bad thing and obnoxious to boot. but come on, the quote: "Fifty million Americans can't be wrong." is fucking stupid. I cant believe that a representative actually said that. If he had said something like "Fifty million Americans and more obviously want this, we should press forward to make this number of people happy" or something that would have made sense. But to state "X number of people or the majority can't be wrong" is just so blatently stupid that it throws into question as to the competency of the representative...

true, plenty of stupid remarks have been made from all camps.. but gawd, to think that the country and the world is run by statements like that.... makes one get angry

anyways that was a quick rant.
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