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14 October 2003 @ 02:17 pm
hehe... v is for victory...:>  
so yesterday (monday) took the day off to code at home and relax... later met up with esmebelle had yummy italian food for din din at Red Sauce. then met up with Joe and hung out a bit .. then off to Brian's for some yummy fried apple dessert..:> was a good day

so apparently at work, they once again decided to declare Victory...:> the next gen project which has been going on for the last year has been declared a success (mind u we establish a success of a project by its progress not by what it produces... because we havent really produced anything.. even the white papers we were to produce ended up unfinished due to some rather important decisions not being decided upon) But thats oks.. cause its V I C T O R Y! *huzzah*

*snort* how 'surprising'...
Current Mood: awakeawake
Current Music: Biz Markie / Canibus - Shove This Jay-Oh-Bee