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22 October 2003 @ 11:32 am
kill bill, seeking apt again, korean bbq  
so lets see...

monday ended up watching Kill Bill. I liked it alot... tho i must admit i must have annoyed some of the other movie goers because i simply couldnt stop laughing. it was as if Tarantino spent waaay too much time watching Kung Fu flicks, Japanese Yakuza films, and Japanese Period Dramas... every instant i was amused, and almost every scene i simply couldnt stop laughing.. the blood would gush and i would laugh, a dramatic pose was taken and i would laugh...

also the apt thing fell through.. looong story, but now we are looking again for a new apt in the somerville/cambridge area...

on a different note... have i told anyone i love Korean BBQ... the spicing, the cooking of yummy meat. ... mouth watering...yumminess.... *drool drool*
Current Mood: hungryhungry