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27 October 2003 @ 12:27 pm
mrieser's paaaatay, rod lunch, Rules of Attraction  
so saturday was spent doing some paper stuff... watching some anime and doing some errands. later dragged earl over to mrieser's place for an evening of chatting, drunkeness, and general fun... mrieser pulled of a fun party and i got to meet some new peeps (new to me at least)

sunday was spent doing more paper stuff, then had lunch with rod in harvard square. later went home did laundry and then ended up watching Rules of Attraction... i like dit, tho it certainly is a Bret Easton Ellis inspired film (he wrote American Psycho), leaves one feeling rather disjointed...

today is meetings day... where i get to go to meetings and listen to people jabber about how they still dont know what will happen to the projects...oh and there has been some layoffs... i guess some of the marketing area got canned... they get a 2 month time period where they can seek another position at cisco and if at the end they do not find one they get a 4 month package... i wish i had their position... a total of 6 months of pay.. *sigh*
Current Mood: groggygroggy