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07 November 2003 @ 01:26 pm
davis, marcie, crepes, doug, american splendor, tea/coffee, drinks, ginza  
after work (worked from home) headed into town. found pretty good parking in davis square, wandered about davis abit, then met up with Marcie over at Mr Crepe. never been there before and it was yummy crepes..:> chatted with marcie till we headed over to the somerville theatre to catch American Splendor. bumped into Doug and so he joined us for the movie. the film was quite good... definitely an art film. well acted..:>
afterwards we had tea/coffee over at Disel till they closed. Doug headed off and Marcie and decided to go grab a drink or two. so over at the West Side Lounge we had a drink of good old Tawny 10 yr port..:> we were there til they kicked us out at 1am.. so we headed into Chinatown for some food at Ginza (we discovered we were hungry). chatted and ate till 3am (a good ol' time) and then i dropped her off at her place...

was a good night of fun conversations and movie watching..:>

today im working from home again..:>
Current Mood: groggygroggy