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20 November 2003 @ 11:08 am
moods, wed class, grushenka, dancing, drinking, fun fun fun...  
so its interesting to note what type of 'moods' one posts on lj and all.. it seems i tend to post 'groggy' more often than not.. *grins*
so tuesday ended up cheering myself up by watching Lizzie McGuire... tho Finding Nemo would have been better methinks... talking fish is always more interesting than disney people...

oooo... i have to get the new bwitney album..:>

anyways, so wednesday had an interesting work day... ended up chatting with my boss in a 1x1... let us just say that its a matter of when now...... so... after work had my last acting class.. was good...:> think ill take the scene analysis class and then go get headshots done... met up with grushenka.. or rather ended up grabbing her at her place and then eating at porter. then it was off to Manway for drinking and dancing fun...

oh yeah... i kinda need to apologize to anyone i may have annoyed or bothered as i was rather tipsy and hence 'playful' (had something like 5 amarrettos.. YUM!) to those who found it amusing.. glad i was amusing... :>

anyways got hungry so grushenka and i grabbed soba over in chinatown and much chatting was done.... dropped her off and then drove home rather groggily and practically slammed into bed....

was a good night.....:>
Current Mood: groggygroggy
Current Music: a rumblings in my tumblings..