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27 November 2003 @ 04:54 pm
update - josh, sushi, spitcurl, dancing  
havent written much in the last couple of days so doing a quick update...
not much has really happened in general.. just the usual grind...
monday hung out with Josh. we ended up eating over at porter and catching up. laters heaed home for some coding..
tuesday work was tedious but evening was sushi night with yummy hand rolls.
wednesday worked from home and later went over to spitcurl's place. had din din over at Grendel's Den (yummy spinch dip and sangria) *grins* afterwards we decided to go for some dessert and headed over to Finale but it wasnt open so we headed over to West Side Lounge for some port and creme brule *yummm* was alot of fun (good food, good company). Then it was off to Manway for dancing and socializing...:> was a great night..:>
Current Mood: awakeawake