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08 December 2003 @ 01:48 pm
pa kua...  
so sifu was in town this weekend. he had arrived before the snow on friday with the intention of class being sat morn. class was held on sat. it ended up with me driving about 1.5 or so hours (for a normally 30 min trip) through icky snow to get to class, whereupon i discovered that the only people who were there were the 2 assistant instructors, sifu, and one official student disciple. nobody else made it. so we spent most of the time doing warmups and basic drills. then sifu talked for about 20 min and then more drills. the interesting thing is the 20 min sifu talked made up for the entire trip and class (total time: 5 hrs)

one of the things he talked about was his sifu. His sifu (Lu Shui-Tian) at one point while his sifu was alive, lived about 3 days journey (via horse). Once Lu Shui-Tian had advanced to a certain point, Lu Shui-Tian would travel 3 days, get off the horse, serve tea to his sifu, get lectured for about 10 - 20 min, and then get sent back home (another 3 day trip). Lu Shui-Tian would mention that the 10 min lecture was totally worth it.

its the details that get ya... the simplist details.... something that can be described in a matter of mins, yet without it, one can not continue growing....
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