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22 December 2003 @ 11:48 am
weekend party stuff...  
friday - after work headed home and then met up with spitcurl for a night of chattering and fun..:> ate yummy chicken pot pie and watched Adaptation (good but odd movie) later had grand old time nattering away the night with peeps until spitcurl kicked us out...:>

saturday - have a blah cough... one of those coughs that one has when the air is a bit dry and the throat gets a tad sore... so spent most of the day bumming around... being a bum can be quite the thing..:> later went to a christmas party thing 8) that was quite fun.. much drinking and dancing was done....

sunday - after getting up with much coughing, must let the cough die... must let the cough die... :> bummed around a bit again... and then for din din headed over to Porter for some food stuffs (had to pick up some spring roll stuff) and ate a very yummy Spicey-mayo Katsudon at Tanpopo in porter... never had it before.. so must now challenge the self to make my own spicey mayo sauce... yummm... headed over to Substance to see artwork and listen to bands play... left around midnight and spent some time reading once i got home... was good seeing peeps...

today is going to be experiment with food stuffs day once i get home..:>
Current Mood: awakeawake