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11 January 2004 @ 01:36 am
Say Hello to Black Jack  
so this is more an entry for toshihisa but figured i would post it anyways...

read vol 1 of Black Jack Ni Yoroshiku (Say Hello to Black Jack) (Or Give My Regards to Black Jack) which was recommended by toshi.. and found it quite good. (For toshi's remarks on it click here) to quote something toshi says:

"The manga series, Black Jack Ni Yoroshiku, takes the focus off the individual and focuses on the medical community itself, and the present medical community of Japan is in a word: Corrupt.
It's a rather frightening and sobering read and its title is missing a few words: Give My Regards to Black Jack If You Ever Find Him."

However, for me its not as frightening as more a discussion of life. Its not that the community is corrupt, its simply that the system is larger than the individual.

In the story of Black Jack, he is a surgeon with an incredible talent- God's Hands with the scalpel... a talent that allows him to become the outlaw, to go outside of the system, that gives him the luxury to pick and choose the cases that are given to him and reap the benefits of said choices. In Black Jack Ni Yoroshiku, the main charcter is a young man, who is not as talented, is not really able to go outside the system- to spurn it at his whim. So he struggles like any man, to balance his morals to that of the larger system, that of life. What makes him heroic unlike Black Jack, is that he is just a man, not a God, and yet he strives to hold the morals that Black Jack was able to uphold. He may fail and he may falter, but when he rises again, he is heroic.

For me the title should perhaps be more: "Give My Regards to Black Jack, when you reach him". a promising statement in tribute to the struggle towards a higher goal- to become Black Jack.
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