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15 January 2004 @ 02:10 pm
Dangerous objects still allowed on planes (subtext: Corkscrews, walking canes potentially lethal weapons)

< moo rant >
oks this is just plain stupid... when will they frickin learn that ANY object can be made into a weapon. that its about the person and their training (and creativity) that allows for the capability for killing and NOT the object? the reality is that there are a few items/objects out there that increase the capacity for killing/maiming etc, and thats knives, guns, and explosives. EVERYTHINGELSE is about the person. hell whats next? i know, we tape every person's hands (opens together) together this way they cant attempt to strangle anyone. oh wait, no we should simply not let anyone carry anything on a plane. oh yeah, we should stop serving meals on the planes for fear of any utensils that could be lethal... wait wait.. we should just pack every passenger in tight sleeping bags and pack everyone in like sardines in a giant metal box that we put wings on...

< /moo rant >
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