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22 January 2004 @ 10:37 am
esmebelle, dali, tea, dancing...  
after work (which was the usual drab) headed home and dropped my stuff off.. then it was off to esmebelle's place where upon we headed out to din din over at Dali's. I have been to Dali's prieviously but this was the first time i got to spend time there taking in the scenery..:> (before i was either rushed or it was too crowded etc). anyways they have this beautiful set of 3 black and white oil paintings of Don Quixote by Honore Daumier and others in the back room... *grins* (oddly enough they didnt have dali's etching of don quixote nor Picasso's) so spent the evening with esmebelle chatting and drinking sangria *yummy*. found that the food+atmosphere is the best of the tapas places ive been in around here (Tapeo and Solea being the other two). YUM! was a fun time..:>

headed back to esmebelle's place and with joeboy there we commenced having a good chat about politics while we drank tea..:> then it was off to dancing..:>

when i got to manway, it was already a tad late (around 11:30 i suppose), was much fun.. the energy of the club was quite high (rather unusual as of late). saw peeps i havent seen in a long while so it was good to reconnect..:> (plus chris played BLT so i was VERY happy)

then it was home and ending up falling asleep on the futon ...:> *smiles*
Current Mood: bouncybouncy