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02 February 2004 @ 10:39 am
much updating... new peeps, paaatay, food, frasier  
so before i update i want to just say: I love the character Bebe Glazer from Frasier! *GRINS*

so lets see... thursday's long ass meeting was what is called here a NMAP (New Manager Assimulation Program). basically a manager's underlings get to crtitique the manager as a manager and whatnot... hopefully change will occur...

so after work headed off to downtown boston so i could get my hair cut. then it was off to meet up with apogeeperigee for some thai and hangings out watching Whose Line Is It Anyway..:>

friday after work met with Jessamyn for steakhouse food, chai tea, and wunderful chocolate goodiness at Finale.:> was a great time hanging and chatting, though the cold should go away. that cold thing puts a damper on many things...

saturday spent the day relaxing and then later paaatay time over at jessamyn's (housewarming). met lots of new peeps and had general fun.. was strange being in the midst of peeps much younger than i...

sunday had brunch with kumkwatgirl over at the Cafe Fleuri at the Le Meriden hotel. very yummy! spent a couple hours eating there and nattering..:> then it was episodes of Frasier which is always a good time..:>
Current Mood: groggygroggy