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25 February 2004 @ 11:41 pm
foooood... :> *GRINS*  
so it was sublime tonight..:> in fact this entire week has been about yummy food...:>
monday and tuesday was molten chocolate cake nights... been experimenting and refining the molten chocolate cake..:> tuesday night also (after class) made Katsu and ate with kumkwatgirl. in fact i have refined the katsu cooking as well... (the settings and such for the hot oil is critical for the coloring... *grins*) and tonight just had yumminess at Top of the Hub with esmebelle... yummmm crabcakes... and not the usual shredded breaded crab meat but chunks of crab all bundled in yummy goodness.... and the chicken and the dry wine and the cookies.. all warm and gooey and oh its so yummy....

so yes im all about food... *grins*
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