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01 March 2004 @ 10:13 am
weekend update .. food!  
so no shoot today (found out yesterday...) so today is to be a quiet day... and with alot of people out of the office (due to colds etc) and the weather being so nice... think ill take a nice lunch out..:>

anyways so.... the weekend was filled with food! *grins*

friday - apogeeperigee took me out to din din (after spending the day working from home..) over at Chez Henri..:> NUMMY! had a good time nattering and eating...:> then home and fell asleep rather early... i attribute it to food coma..:>

saturday - after a tiring and yet fun time time at pa kua (combat form 1.. here i go!) then picked up armandae and hung out..:> entire day was a lazy day..:> and nummy chocolate..:>

sunday - more hanging outs with armandae and then later din din with becky..:> over at Mamma Maria (somehow the website is down...) considered the best italian in all of the north end... and man was it good! yummmmm!
Current Mood: busybusy