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04 March 2004 @ 11:09 am
monday - after work (didnt have a shoot) headed over to kumkwatgirl's and made soup and chocolate for a shared din din. then home to get some stuff done (taxes etc)

tuesday - class was fun..:> i have been given a scene from Scream 2 (the scene when the two movie freaks are discussing who could be the murderer) a fun scene to play with..:> day was gorgeous..:> later more soup with kumkwatgirl and Frasier and then home for some reading...

wednesday - worked from home and met up with Josh afterwards... ate at a dinky sushi place called 'Sushi Man' in Chestnut hill (near Oishii)... it was really good...:> nummy.. then we ended up watching a samurai western called "Samurai Fiction" which was really good... funky and cheeky and highly stylized... the soundtrack was quite awesome..:> headed over to manway for some boopieness... left a bit early feeling a bit out of whack...

today - dreary... rain and more rain
Current Mood: busybusy