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08 March 2004 @ 12:06 pm
updates..:> and mochi maker.. cant wait,..  
so lets see.. weekend has been quite fun..

thursday was spent quietly... worked on scene for class..:>

friday - after work, spitcurl came over and we had much yumminess... mushroom quiche and chocolate cake.. port is so nummy..:> watched and giggled to 6 string samurai and muppets..:>

saturday - quiet day, evening was nummy foods again..:> had shabu shabu over at shabu zen with armandae and then late chocolate over at Finale's.. *grins* then it was party time at Nicole's in which some new peeps were met. left a bit early as crowding was a bit much, apparently missed table dancing...

sunday - brunch was had at the Charles Hotel with kumkwatgirl and grushenka. met interesting chinese woman who was visiting niece at harvard. then rest of day was spent wrestling with taxes and such.

so, i went ahead and bought a Mochi Maker!!! it should be coming in tommorrow ... *bounce bounce* already bought the mochi rice to make mochi in it... hehe...
Current Mood: busybusy