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07 April 2002 @ 03:26 pm
John's BDay celebration...  
so yesterday (saturday) i picked up Victoria (vhscrowers) at around 4pmish and then headed down to Brian's to pick him up as well. We hit up for Matt's place to see his new son and spent some time hanging out. Then we drove down to the First Karaoke bar to celebrate John's (malitor) bday. Fra (frainnyc), Linc (John's boss back at Trinity), Linc's fam, John, and later Brian's gf (Terri) showed. A fun time was had with much singing, dancing, drinking, and chatting going on. Around 2am (i think) we all dispersed, dropping people off at various places (homes, etc) and crashed at an Inn near Brian's place in Vernon. (Granted i didnt get to bed till around 6am since me and John were up chatting)

This morning (sunday) woke up, ate a late brunch, and headed home... now im going to take a nap...
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
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Braxana: lenorebraxana on April 8th, 2002 10:48 am (UTC)
so yeah, the son was 3 days old (i think). the household is good at least..:>

so what happened at the Pagan Pride?