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02 May 2004 @ 09:44 pm
updates - excelsior armandae bday, seven gables, Man on Fire, Lost in Translation, Anything Goes..  
so lets see..

friday - armandae's bday. so took her out for a dinner at Excelsior. the food was incredible, the wine list superb... (they have a great wine tower) and the wait staff helpful..:> nummm!! must go back sometime..:> afterwards ended up going to Harvard Coop for book run and then home...

saturday - mum wanted to do some sight seeing and so we went up to salem.. took a tor of the House of Seven Gables and Hawthorne's birthplace. was nice and quaint..:> she also wanted to go see a movie so we ended up watching Man on Fire. Denzel Washington is frickin incredible!!!! hes acting breadth and depth is breathtaking... had din din and mum wante dto see Lost ing Translation..:>

sunday - spent the morning just chillin... then headed out with mum to see Anything goes in which danceforme was choreographer... and it was quite good..:> was much amused to see her personality within the dance routines..:> mum enjoyed it quite a bit..:> afterwards did a tad of shopping and then back home for Everwood and some din din.. its benn a good weekend..:>
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