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13 May 2004 @ 01:30 pm
week update... j&j, frasier, NATM...:>  
monday - after work headed down to the south shore for chicken and icecream with J&J. much gabbing and eating was had... was good..:> got home early and did some reading..:>

tuesday - class was fun..:> worked on our scenes.. currently have a scene from Blue Velvet. afterwards went over to kumkwatgirl's place for Frasier and spring rolls..:>

wednesday - after work met up with armandae for walkings and din din. we walked about harvard square (nice warm day), had japanese, then stopped for some book snooping... then over to my place for Not Another Teen Movie! *YAY* i love NATM *giggle*
Current Mood: busybusy