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29 May 2004 @ 03:51 pm
update.. japan 2  
so i think i can get photos posted somehow fairly soon... what ill probably do is generate a page with all the photos and some commentary... but for now...

friday - spent the morning sleeping and reading... getting some relaxation time..:> then headed out... hung out at Harajuku - taking in the atmosphere. its changed a bit... some of the smaller stores have closed and been replaced with mega stores , tho still fashion related (example a set of small stores that used to be stores filled with generic clothing - jeans etc, was replaced with a giant undergarment store) also found my favorite crepe shop had moved- was happy to find it and eat a nummy cremefilled crepe.:> popped in on a small gothy shop Yellow House (site isnt much at all) this place has been around for about 20 yrs... all the clothing are made by the owner and they seem to be a favorite of the various visual kei bands out here) the owner was very cool, one of those straight shooting hardass middle aged women who have a punk streak in them types..:> ended up buying a few shirts and may go back and pick up a jacket..:> then it was off to Shibuya to meet up with a junior high friend (Akiya). since i got there a bit early i bought some stuff at the local HMV..:>

Akiya and i met up and we had some incredivly nummy korean food (Ojori (japanese link))(different from the stuff in the US.. there is more vareity in the menu but less on the amount) afterwards we hit up a local bar (Insomina Bar+Grill) and chatted..:> was good catching up... then we decided to head over to Roppongi to check out an all-night movie megaplex at the Roppongi Hills (more on roppongi hills later since i end up there again on sat) but none of the films seemed interesting... then it was back to Shibuya to hit up a club. was a bit small but fun..>:> we ended up bumping into on of his ex's so we left around 3am.. headed over to his place and watched random dvds... crashed at 4 to wake up at 5 to head to the train station to catch the train back home...:>

sat - woke up after sleeping for about 2 hours and had to get dressed and such. mom,dad, and i headed out via car to The International House of Japan for the family gathering (in celebration of my grandfather's death day.. it was his bday, but he passed away 1.5 years ago) about 20 - 30 of us all showed from his youngest sister (last remaining of his line- Kanou) to my cousin's sons and daughters..:> was fun... the food was good and i got to hear all sorts of stories..:> then me and jiro (my middle bro) and i were dropped off at the Roppongi Hills and we waited for toshihisa to show (he had been in class so was unable to attend the gathering). once toshihisa arrived we ended up going to the top of the Roppongi Hills and checking out the view of Tokyo (i took a bunch of pics.. will post later). afterwards we got to check out a small but very cool display/show about the construction of the Roppongi Hills. everything from a huge 1:1000 scale model of tokyo proper to a showing of Mamoru Oshii (yes the director of Ghost in the Shell)'s short called Tokyo Scanner (seems you can only purchase the dvd at the Roppongi Hills, so i had to buy it) (its actually quite good... basically its a flight over Tokyo, with various landmarks indicated throughout... done in a sniper'esque fashion *grins*). Jiro wanted to eat over at the TGI Fridays in Roppongi so we ended up eating there... very odd since it was very similar to that of the TGI Fridays in the US, but with some distinct Japanese flavoring (in food and decor). then it was split up and home time.. ended up being rather sleepy so i crashed a bit early (around 9pm)...
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