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05 June 2004 @ 12:26 am
japan 6 - back and party  
so lets see....

thursday (june 3) - got up.. said byes to family then off to Shinjuku. Dropped my stuff off in a coin locker and then off to Mitaka to go to Studio Ghibli Museum (english descriptions and whatnot). which was alot of fun... there was a pixar exhibition there as well... and much about the history of animation... the nice thing is its all done in ghibli style.. which has that cool calm pleasant fuzzy feel...:> then back to Shinjuku to walk about and shop a bit..:> later met up with my bro jiro and off to dinner at Christon Cafe (there is a quick movie of the insides on the site - we went to the one listed as 'tokyo') turns out the place is now owned by UG growing up company which happens to have more of the religious place based resteraunts (theres a mosque, buddhist temples, a hindu temple etc) so now i have to go to as many as i can find..:> *GRINS* then it was off to jiro's place in kashiwa.

friday (june 4) - narita airport and a flight back to the US. its funny.. left at 11 am on June 4th.. arrive 10:30 am on June 4th...

one complaint... wtf is up with service in the US. In narita you ask for info (like finding a particular gate or something) they give it to you or apologize for not knowing and then make sure they get the info to you.. here in the US (at least at JFK) they dont give a hoot... you ask and if they dont know, they just give you a dirty look for asking them a question they dont know and then tell you to 'go look for it'.. *GROWLS*

anyways so kumkwatgirl picked me up from the airport and dropped me off at my place.. i quickly showered and then headed out to go to a release party at a friend's company..:> now im back.. was much fun..:> must sleep soon...
Current Mood: bouncybouncy
More than a little wonky...apogeeperigee on June 5th, 2004 03:04 pm (UTC)

welcome back :)