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05 July 2004 @ 11:18 pm
july 4th weekend stuffs...  
fri - after work met up with kumkwatgirl and ran about restocking liquor cabinet (go sho chu!) and ate korean food. later played some pool and had a relaxing evening..:>

sat - most of the day was spent watching buffy episodes..:> go Buffy..:> did some hiking out to Wright's Tower in medford ... made creme brule! go torch! the recipe i have actually was rather simple and good... now i can experiment..:>

sun - kumkwatgirl, gtbuddha, and i went to Kimball's Farms for mini-golf, ice cream, and lounging on the grass..:> then it was Spider Man 2 at the drive-in (as well as 13 going on 30) and it was fun..:>

mon - lounging time... i had picked up a copy of The Wilding (For those who are CS Friedman fans... its In Conquest Born 2.... just came out) and read that..:> been being lazy..:>
Current Mood: lazylazy