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31 July 2004 @ 11:31 am
so i havent been a good boy in updating my lj so i need to make a better effort..:>
so lets see...

mon - after work ended up hanging out with danceforme at her place..:> wtahcing degrassi junior high, eating pizza, and chilling..:> was a nice fun evening

tue - stayed in after work... pretty much napped and whatnot.. recovering from the drive to and from pittsburg

wed - worked from home. afterwards met up with armandae in cambridge. ate over at west side lounge and later watched Millennium episodes..:>

thur - met up with kumkwatgirl and went to the drive in to watch I Robot and Dodgeball. I Robot was a bore unfortunately. granted it was what i had expected: Will Smith shoots robots. Dodgeball on the other hand was amusing..:>

fri - worked late at the office then relaxed at home. finished setting up the new work laptop.>:>