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23 August 2004 @ 07:06 pm
working working... and updates  
so im working in the office right now.. i expect to be here till 8 or 9 pm.. blah

anyways an update of the weekend...

fri - met up with armandae for din din... was severely stressed from work so was in a ugly mood... after a rainstorm and food and drink, ended up watching Millennium episodes... made me feel a bit better

sat - spent the day doing some stuff for rod.. then in the evening went to a party in kumkwatgirl's honor... a farewell party..:> was fun....:>

sun - the morning was spent finishing up the stuff i had for rod then it was down to the south shore to celebrate esmebelle's bday..:> (which was a week ago but the party was held on this date).. much chit-chat and eating of hotdogs under a beautiful sky..:> then off to pick up kumkwatgirl for her bday..:> took her to Top of the Hub and had really good food..:> the sky was beautiful...:>

today - work is ergh... staying in late to get some stuff done, then have to run errands and such to get ready for tommorrow... driving kumkwatgirl to ann arbor... will be back next sunday... may not have net access for a bit..:>
Current Mood: busybusy