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11 October 2004 @ 04:05 pm
wed - ended up staying in. did reading and whatnot. was nice to relax

thurs - stayed in as well.

fri - watched Raise Your Voice because Hillary Duff is in it with danceforme. ended up due to the amount of music in the movie in wanting to go dancing, so bouncing at Manway was done..:>

sat - went Asian Pear picking at Marino Lookout farm with danceforme. the asian pears were very large and juicy..:> unfortunately it was towards the end of the season so there wasnt a lot ot pick. ended up with a small 10 lb bag of asian pears. must make jam!

sun - the day was spent watching season 1 of 24 with armandae. mochi was eaten and lounging was done while jack bower did things that only a superman like him can.. *grins*
Braxana: fly_tarebraxana on October 11th, 2004 03:54 pm (UTC)
when it comes to food im willing to do alot..:>
my motto is : there are threee crucial things in life that drive us- food, sleep, copulation- all else is incidental