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05 November 2004 @ 12:10 pm
other half of my mouth...  
so i just got back from the dentist... blah... my left side of my mouth is still kinda numb from the novacaine.. things went much more smoothly today than the last time, until it was discovered that one of my lower back teeth jaw area had more bone loss than was noticed before.. so an emergency bone graft was was done (adding of some bone and some extra cutting and such). needless to say now i have to be on stronger antibiotics than i would like... ergh... and i have the irritating 'cast'/'mold' on my teeth and gums... thankfully next thursday that gets taken off.... im a bit poorer now since this last bit my insurance wont cover.. *sighs*

people take care of your teeth and gums!!!

yesterday (thur) after work, the acting group thingy was cancelled so i ended up going out for din din at Fugakyu with armandae. was still very restless when i got home, so i watched muppets, read, did some pa kua forms...

today im staying in... im going to be rather irritable today i suspect...
Current Mood: soresore