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29 December 2004 @ 04:37 pm
update... Roma  
so heres an update of the days in roma, italy. i have some pics but i wont post them yet. need to whittle down stuff so they dont take up too much space. (will give more details then)

tue (21) - picked up kumkwatgirl from the airport.

wed (22) - flight out of logan. uneventful. stop over at philly. long flight to rome. (8 hour flight from phil to rome)

thur (23) - arrive in rome. shuttle from airport to hotel (Napoleon hotel) (i do highly recommend it.. its a 4 star and a metro station - Vittorio Emanuele (Metro map) - is right in front of it). napped to recover from flight. wandered about rome. (sights: Colosseum, Pantheon, etc). had a lovely meal outside (temp was decently warm) in front of the Pantheon.

fri (24) - main attraction, the vatican. got to the Vatican museums around 8am, waited in line. met a nice japanese woman studying italian at a local language school. saw the beauty in the museum. saw the Sistine Chapel (btw, cant seem to find a ref or anything on it, but if you ever go stand on the circles in the middle of the chapel and look up... the art suddenly has a dramatic affect. seems nobody really knows about it... its terribly clever and awe inspiring). St peter's bascilica is a lot larger than one would expect. photos and tv and movies dont do it justice. and the art inside is incredible.

later found Trevi fountain and had really good meal in the piazza navona. waiter had Jude Law voice. best waiter there..:>

sat (25) - slept in. recovering from jet lag and lots of walking. wandered about. went over to the piazza navona again because the annual xmas fair thingy was happening. again good food.

sun (26) - to our dismay turns out the shops were closed on the 26th as well. so no clothing shopping for me (which means i must go shopping next time i go.. which means i will go to italy again soon). wandered about clothing district window shopping. toured inside of colusseum. ate a wonderful lasagna bolonaise. napped. wandered about again, had the best tiramissu (so smooth).

mon (27) - picked up by shuttle, dropped off at airport. flight out (10 hour flight) to philly. then to boston.

tue (28) - recovery from jetlag and travel. purposely avoided phone and net and such. much needed sleep was had

so i have decided. after being there and reading about some of my fav authors loving italy (James Burke for one), i think when i eventually retire, i will be retiring to Italy (heard that Bologna especially is quite nice).

must learn italian now..:>
Simonagreyfaced on December 29th, 2004 11:10 pm (UTC)
Did you know that in front of St. Peters there are 2 circles, and when you stand at those points, all the colums line up perfectly? If you didn't see, you must check it out next time you go.
And the Pantheon is one of my most favorite parts of Rome...
Ah, I miss it. Must go back soon!!!